Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In the last few years, Phoenix Arizona real estate has become something of a hot commodity. According to city data websites, the number or new homes built in Phoenix last year is almost double what it was in 2000. With most residents between the home-buying ages of 25 and 40, it is no surprise that Phoenix Arizona real estate is becoming snatched up so quickly.

Along with many other factors, Phoenix's agreeable climate is certainly a major contributor to the popularity that Phoenix Arizona real estate has attained in the last few years. Throughout the year, the roughly 1.4 million people who live and work in Phoenix see average temperatures that hover between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with less than an inch of rain falling each month. As a result, outdoor pastimes such as hiking and golf are extremely popular around Phoenix.

Arizona's climate also allows people to save money on their homes. In more changeable parts of the country, energy-efficient air conditioning machines such as evaporative coolers may not be suitable, but in Phoenix, they help homeowners save as much as 75 percent on energy bills! Evaporative coolers work by cooling air with water vapor and then blowing it into the house, taking advantage of the dry air inside the house to create slight drafts as the warm air escapes to let the cool air in.

Phoenix Arizona Real Estate and Business

The youth of the population or Phoenix may also make it more attractive to out-of-towners who are looking for a new place to live. New businesses are springing up constantly, as evidenced by the increased air traffic to and from Phoenix as well as Sky Harbor's recent status as an international hub for many airlines. Moreover, there are many helpful programs available to people who wish to start new businesses in Phoenix, one of the fastest growing large cites in the U.S.

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