Planning Retirement In Tucson Arizona

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are many advantages to retiring in Tucson, Arizona. Not the least of these is the perfect weather Tucson enjoys. Many people flock to Tucson because of the cool, dry desert air and the practically never-ending sunshine. Tucson also enjoys low taxes, low amounts of crime and a high quality of life. People are, in general, friendly and welcoming. Tucson has a more "small town" feeling than the average city and many retirees appreciate the relaxed attitude in the area.

An Active Town for Active Retirees

Today, retirement is the beginning of an exciting new life, and for many that life includes leaving harsh winters behind. Tucson is the perfect destination for the active retiree who enjoys outdoor activities as well as cultural activities; a number of retirement communities exist that include great amenities. Tucson's beautiful environment is enhanced by the city's design and the commitment of the people to the desert landscape.

Getting outside and staying active is essential to staying healthy throughout retirement. In Tucson, there are many opportunities and programs for seniors to hike and explore nature without danger. The Saguaro National Park, Santa Catalina Mountains and the Sonoran Desert are just some of the natural wonders and beauties of Tucson that are waiting to be explored.

There are also a lot of cultural opportunities available to retirees who are interested in arts and music. The Tucson Museum of Art boasts impressive collections of art including pre-Colombian art, Spanish Colonial art and a number of changing exhibitions. Residents of Tucson also enjoy the arts via the Arizona Theater Company, Tucson Symphony and the Arizona Opera Company.

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