Scottsdale, Arizona Real Estate

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Homebuyers in Arizona have long looked to Scottsdale Arizona real estate as an alternative to land in Phoenix. It is close to Phoenix's business center, and is home to sweeping vistas that have helped it become a nationally recognized resort town. As such, there are many different kinds of Scottsdale Arizona real estate available, including everything from middle-class apartments and condos to high-end luxury homes.

Many homebuyers look to Scottsdale for the convenience of planned communities. Most of these neighborhoods are complete with their own schools and recreational areas, including golf courses. In fact, Scottsdale is home to many neighborhoods that are built on private golf courses.

Other outdoor recreational areas make Scottsdale Arizona real estate valuable as well. Besides golf, water sports are popular with the citizens and tourists in Scottsdale. Many neighborhood water parks and other, larger lakes offer places for kids and adults to swim, water ski, and boat.

The History of Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate

Scottsdale may sit right next door to Phoenix (on the east side), but the area has a rich history, economy, and housing market all it's own. Officially, Scottsdale was big enough to have its own post office as early as 1910, but much growth came after World War II, when Scottsdale became popular with artist transplants from different parts of the country. One of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings, Taliesin West, is in Scottsdale, and visitors there can tour the area that was once Wright's winter home.

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