Tempe, Arizona Real Estate

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Tempe Arizona real estate represents a slice of interests that range from academic to big business. The largest school in the state, Arizona State University, sits in the middle of Tempe's 160,000-strong head count. Surrounding the school is a town with a higher concentration of tech businesses than most other places in Arizona.

The Convenience of Tempe Arizona Real Estate

Along with these two strong factors, there are many other reasons why Tempe Arizona real estate is in such high demand. For one, Tempe shares the eastern border of Phoenix with Scottsdale, which sits directly north of Tempe. The proximity to Phoenix's city center is perfect for commuters or other people who need to access the city often.

Tempe is equally close to Arizona's Sky Harbor Airport, an international hub that seems to be constantly growing in both usage and convenience. Twenty-three different airlines now stop at Sky Harbor, including JetBlue and WestJet, two new additions. The airport has also recently expanded to include a new, fourth terminal that is filled with shops, restaurants, and other conveniences.

Many surveys from the last ten years show that most people who are looking for Tempe Arizona real estate are young homebuyers who have a median age of around 29. About half of the homes in Tempe are owner-occupied; the other half are renter-occupied dwellings. Tempe's large concentration of students is a likely factor in explaining those statistics.

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