Tucson Arizona Real Estate

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Residents of Tucson, Arizona believe they have found the perfect place to live. This belief stems in part from the city's idyllic weather and natural beauty. There are few places on Earth possessive of the truly wondrous beauty of southwestern Arizona. And in particular, the city of Tucson is cradled within it.

Tucson is nestled between four mountain ranges including the Santa Catalinas, the Santa Ritas, the Rincons and the Tucson Mountains. Although the city is located within the Sonoran Desert, there is lush and abundant vegetation. Tucson is the proud recipient of an average of 350 days of sunshine a year, making it the sunniest city in the United States.

The Real Estate Market in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is enjoying a booming real estate market. In the course of a year, the home sales volume has increased 44 percent according to the Tucson Association of REALTORS® MLS, Inc. This means a greater number of homes have been sold at significantly higher prices.

Prices in Tucson, however, remain extremely affordable in comparison to other competitive markets such as Orange County, California or San Francisco. The average single-family home in Tucson sells for approximately $225,000, whereas the average single-family home in San Francisco sells for approximately $675,000. All of this adds up Tucson being a great value for its price as well as an excellent opportunity for real estate investment.

Types of Homes Available in Tucson

There are a variety of homes available in the Tucson real estate market. Tucson has an ample supply of single-family homes, condominiums, gated communities and subdivisions, golf course properties and retirement communities. There is truly a home to fit all lifestyles and necessities.

While many homes are located within the city limits and in downtown Tucson, more homes are being built outside of the city. The surrounding foothills offer privacy and spectacular views for the buyer that appreciates the comforts of a nearby city but would like to be more removed and closer to nature. Also, the natural beauty of Tucson, and its surrounding areas in particular, is unmatched.

Buying and Selling a Home in Tucson

The first step to buying or selling a home in Tucson is to find a local real estate agent to serve as a guide through the process. The experience of a qualified professional is invaluable in such endeavors. It is important to find an agent who is local to Tucson because he/she will be able to supply important information about the area and the real estate possibilities.

When selling a home, finding an agent that is familiar with the area is particularly important. Such an agent can provide home value reports and comparison reports that will help sellers set a reasonable asking price in order to maximize the equity return without the home being on the market too long. A local agent is equally important to the buying process. Much of the real estate business is conducted through networking, and connections to the community and a local agent with strong community ties will be the most effective.

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