Tucson Gated Communities

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Tucson has a number of gated communities and a variety of homes to offer within those communities. There are homes within Tucson's gated communities that will appeal to any buyer's preferences. Homes can be found ranging in price from under $100,000 to well over $3 million. The availability of less expensive homes and the security of a private gated entrance makes gated communities a great choice for retirees. In fact, several of these communities only cater to adults over 55 years old. These types of communities typically have clubhouses and recreational facilities for retired persons as well as other organized events.

Living in a Gated Community in Tucson

Living in a gated community in Tucson is as near an idyllic lifestyle as one could have. These communities often have recreational centers available to residents complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and much more. The communities themselves are typically well maintained by the homeowners' associations. Residents will pay monthly fees for this service.

Living in a master-planned community, however, is not without it's drawbacks. Gated communities are governed by covenants, conditions, and restrictions (or CC&Rs). These guidelines put limitations on homeowners for things that other homeowners might take for granted, such as building and remodeling, pet ownership, renting, landscaping and even reselling.

On the upside, however, CC&Rs help maintain the aesthetics of the community and help protect the investment of neighboring properties. For example, without a CC&R, a homeowner could build a giant concrete barrier around his/her property if desired. That addition would undoubtedly appear to be an eyesore to the neighborhood, and it might even affect the resale value of the neighbor's properties. Living in a gated community may generate some restrictions, but the neighborhood is sure to remain of high quality.

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