Tucson Investment Properties

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The most efficient way to find investment properties in Tucson is to seek the help of a local real estate agent. A real estate agent local to the area will be familiar with the best-valued properties as well as the properties that have the most potential to appreciate. Tucson as a whole is experiencing record-breaking appreciation currently, so now couldn't be a better time to invest in real estate in that area.

Finding Good Investment Properties

As in all real estate ventures, location is key! Finding an investment property in the right location makes all the difference. There are many great locations in Tucson for investment purposes because the city is growing. A real estate agent local to the area will be an invaluable resource in determining the investment potential of a particular area.

There are a few things that an investor should consider when looking in the Tucson area. If the property will be rented out, who will it be rented to? Renting to Tucson residents provides a steady stream of income, but an owner will not be able to charge as much rent as he/she would when renting the home as a vacation home. For example, a home may be rented for $1,200 per month to a local resident, but it may go for $400 a week as a vacation home. However, vacation homes tend to only rent sporadically and are vacant much more frequently, so the extra $400 each month might not be worth the risk.

Another thing an investor should consider is how rentable and resellable the property will be. Homes that have clean and straightforward floor plans tend to rent and sell easier. Investment property should ultimately be very user-friendly, unless the buyer is interested in doing renovations.

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