Tucson Luxury Homes

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Some of the lucky amongst us are fortunate enough to be able to afford the more luxurious homes available. Tucson has no shortage of luxury homes on the market. Many of these homes reflect the best of Southwestern architecture and styling and are located on some of the most beautiful land in the country.

Variety of Luxury Homes Available in Tucson

Because Tucson home prices are so affordable, luxury homes can be found for as little as $500,000. Of course, for the truly extravagant, there is a supply of homes for as much as $5 million dollars. These homes are as spectacular as they come and typically boast huge swimming pools, acres of land, and all the upgrades imaginable. And, for an extreme upgrade, homes can even be found with enough land to accommodate a private airstrip.

These luxury homes are often as private as they come. Some are located high in the mountains surrounding Tucson and are accessed only through private gates. Others are found in gated golf communities that also offer a high degree of privacy.

Some of these homes are luxurious because of their spectacular locations and land. Others are luxurious because of the high-class amenities in the homes themselves. These amenities might include smart-house technology, state of the art appliances, home theaters, wet bars and finishes in marble, granite and cherry wood. Still others boast huge floor plans that may include two kitchens, indoor/outdoor space, extensive libraries and enormous garages. And, of course, the truly luxurious homes have all of these things and more.

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