Apartments For Sale In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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Apartments for sale in San Francisco can run anywhere in the half million dollar range, which is less than the latest Bay Area median home prices of $647,300. Like condominiums and flats, the apartments for sale in San Francisco share walls with other units. You'll most likely be in a large building with a few or perhaps dozens of other people. While not as private as a freestanding home, apartments are noticeably less expensive.

San Francisco is a vertical city: tall hills topped with tall buildings filled with individual apartments. Because the area of the city is small--it's about seven miles by seven miles--the city grew upwards instead of sprawling along the ground. What this means for city dwellers is lots of compact living: neighbors above, below, and on the other side of the bedroom wall.

Apartments for Sale in San Francisco Are Space Efficient

A first time visitor to the Bay Area might not understand the appeal of buying an apartment instead of a home in San Francisco. It's all about space, and since there isn't much of it in the city, buildings that use it most efficiently are in demand. Consider this: the land that two family-sized homes sit on can accommodate an apartment building for hundreds of apartment dwellers.

A drawback to apartment life is the lack of a private yard and extra rooms for larger families. In San Francisco, where nearly 60 percent of the population is single, this isn't too much of a deterrent: apartments for sale in San Francisco are sought after by empty nesters, single professionals, and childless couples the way mid-western homes are desired by families. An apartment is an affordable way into a very expensive housing market.

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