Arnold, California

Written by Michael Federico
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Arnold, California lies close to the Ebbetts Pass Corridor in the western slopes of the Sierras. Scenic Highway 4 leads travelers through a series of beautiful landscapes until they end up in this historic mountain town. Located midway between Bear Valley and the 49er gold country, Arnold attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

Visitors can spend their time hiking up mountain passes, stopping to take in the lush scenery along the way. They can also watch the sunrise while fishing on one of the lakes in the area. One can also give up the forest trees for those of the golf course. Beautifully designed greens and fairways even make the stroll to the eighteenth hole picturesque.

Vacationing in Arnold, California

Spending time in Arnold allows people to explore a part of California that many people do not even know about. It is possible to take a series of day trips to explore the old mining towns in the area. Replete with historic sites, they give insight into what life was like in the region during the mid 1800's. Children, or adults for that matter, can learn how to pan for gold and see what a family that had just relocated from the East would have to go through upon their arrival in California.

The region also contains some the country's most prestigious wineries. One can easily travel from Arnold to visit vineyards and take part in a wine tasting. Many towns in the area also have festivals that very much celebrate the region's past. There are seasonal celebrations that include old-fashioned barn dances, costume parades, and harvest dinners. There is enough in Arnold to keep any vacationer happy, but its close proximity to other fantastic destinations makes it even more appealing to many.

Staying in Arnold, California and Skiing Bear Valley

Bear Valley may not be a spring break destination as popular as Vail or Breckinridge, but the skiing is some of the best in the country. A large number of skiers and snowboarders come to the Bear Valley Ski Resort to tackle the slopes each year. They also can enjoy other outdoor sports and simply partake in the mountain lifestyle for a time.

It is common for people to stay in Arnold and head over to Bear Valley to do their skiing. The trip is not a long one, and people can avoid a bit of the chaos that comes along with ski season. This is the perfect set up for those who spend an extended period of time in the area. They can enjoy Bear Valley, but they are not confined to it.

Real Estate in Arnold, California

For many, property in Arnold represents an escape. People who live in the Bay Area and even those who make their homes in Southern California can make a trip into the mountains and get away from the city for a few days. People who do not live in California will often make Arnold their summer home. Instead of heading to the beach when July rolls around, they head to the mountains.

Generally speaking, Arnold real estate is not cheap. However, it is possible to rent a home or cabin at a very affordable price. Whether one is going to stay for months or only a week, he can find a place that gives him a chance to truly experience Arnold and its surroundings. Area realtors can assist clients from all over the country with the purchase or rental of property. Agencies will usually have several rental and sale properties in a variety of price ranges to show.

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