Arnold, California Real Estate

Written by Michael Federico
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Arnold, California real estate rests secluded in the Sierra Mountains. The homes and cabins available on the market range from modern to historic. Some properties have stood for over 100 years, renovated to include contemporary comfort, while maintaining their classic appearance.

The town of Arnold and the surrounding communities sprung up during the gold rush of 1849. People came from all over the country to pan the rivers and strike it rich. Many people left the region when the rush subsided, leaving "ghost towns" in their wake. However, the state managed to preserve a lot of the old buildings and sites in the area. These attractions have drawn tourists to the "mother lode" region for years. As people began to fall in love with the quaintness of the town and the beauty of its landscape, they built more Arnold real estate and turned the town into a vibrant community for both vacationers and year-round residents.

Renting Arnold, California Real Estate

Most Arnold real estate is between the heart of the gold mining country and the Bear Valley Ski Resort. Due to their location, most properties are popular rental spots throughout the year. People can spend the summer enjoying moderate temperatures, stunning vistas, and town festivals. During the winter, spring, and fall, they can hit the slopes and take advantage of world class skiing and snowboarding accommodations.

The combination of mountains, trees, and water lends Arnold real estate a unique setting. This spot in Northern California offers scenery that does not exist in most parts of the country. The historical aspects of the town and a number of activities that are geared towards kids make it a family-friendly vacation destination, while good schools and a tight knit community make it a wonderful place to settle down.

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