Written by Seth Cotterell
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The American Society of Home Inspectors, also known by the name ASHI, is an incredibly valuable resource for homebuyers. ASHI is an association of professional home inspectors dedicated to promoting the standards and ethics of residential real estate transactions. ASHI membership is an important quality in a home inspector.

What's ASHI?

ASHI members and directors understand that the biggest investment most people will ever make is in their homes. ASHI trains home inspectors to use sophisticated technology and thorough investigation techniques that facilitate the home buying process. Certified inspectors are taught to communicate openly, honestly, and directly with clients. ASHI codes of ethics and standards of practice set the guidelines for acceptable customer/inspector interactions.

Education is one of ASHI's major focuses. ASHI believes that continuing education is a must for all home inspectors. Only through continual education can inspectors stay aware of important issues and trends in the industry. ASHI provides regular educational classes, seminars, and conferences for its members.

ASHI home inspectors are trained to apply their knowledge of construction and to use the available technology in order to conduct the most intensive, thorough investigation of a house possible. A thorough investigation is the only way to avoid expensive and possibly dangerous complications down the road such as discovering a cracked foundation, a leaky roof, or faulty wiring.

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