Atascadero Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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Atascadero real estate has gained some ground in previous years, attracting new residents with ideal weather, favorable housing costs, and central location to many growing cities. Atascadero was actually first founded when Edward Garner Lewis planned and created a utopian colony on the 61,000 acres once known as the Atascadero Rancho.

After Lewis acquired the land in 1913, he employed experts in engineering, city planning, and agriculture to begin developing a dream colony. Orchards were planted on thousands of acres, cottages and a beachfront hotel built, as well as a water system installed. Lewis also printed the Atascadero News newspaper and a news/photo magazine called The Illustrated Review from The Printery, Atascadero's first civic building.

Lewis also included a Italian Renaissance-style building as the colony's centerpiece, which is now Atascadero City Hall and Museum. Atascadero is now the second-largest city in its County, with tremendous Atascadero real estate growth since its incorporation in 1979. The city still incorporates many of Lewis' utopian principles regarding the preservation of open space, large lot sizes, protecting trees and hillsides, and even about keeping pets!

What Draws People to Atascadero Real Estate?

Location is one of the most influential reasons for Atascadero real estate growth, the city being halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Atascadero is also just a short drive from several other large cities like Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Maria. Ideal weather and outdoor activities draw tourists every year to enjoy golfing, wine country, and the beach nearby.

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