Avila Beach Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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Avila Beach real estate has some of the best views, charm, and weather in San Luis Obispo County. Although the town is very small, Avila Beach garners much interest from visitors from Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and even Morro Bay right next door. Developing interest in Avila Beach real estate from those wanting to buy a new home, a place to retire, or even parents of Cal Poly students discovering a great place for a beach home.

In the last century, all of San Luis Obispo County has seen much development and growth, especially due to its location. Set just about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the many charming cities and beach towns of San Luis Obispo County have become ideal places for city dwellers to relax and play. The drive is only four or less hours away from either metropolitan area.

Populations in San Luis Obispo County have grown the last few years, adding more than 10,000 residents since the year 2000. As more discover the beauty, weather, activities, and commerce, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Avila Beach real estate continue to flourish (just to name a few). Much of the area is mountains, lake, and beach, offering a great home for people that love the outdoors.

Choosing Avila Beach Real Estate

Before being completely rebuilt from bottom up, Avila Beach was a casual, cute hangout dotted with vendors selling hotdogs and pretzels. Now, the area is what some consider more "family friendly"; for example, the playground that is always at full capacity, even in the middle of the week. Instead of long, flat stretches of beach, there are hills changing color seasonally--terrific views from ideal Avila Beach real estate.

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