Beachfront Homes

Written by Jen Nichol
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California beachfront living doesn't just have to be for the lucky few anymore. Now, homes are available to anyone willing to give up freezing, dreary winters and snow-bound traffic snarls. Why wait? If sitting on your front porch and warming your toes in golden sand appeals to you, have your agent clue you in on the opportunities that beachfront homes provide.

The amazing thing about California is that you can live on the beach, and yet be in the mountains in a very short time! You can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon. You may think you have stumbled into some sportsman's paradise...and you'd be right!

Beachfront Homes or Vibrant Urban Living

I hear this question a lot; people want to live on the beach but also want to participate in the inspiration and energy of the city. I usually don't even try to convince them that they can have both, I just show them how close the sunny beach is from the heart of the urban metropolis, and they're hooked. Compromise no longer becomes an issue--and isn't that how life should be?

Living on the beach is really a complete lifestyle in itself. It's home and vacation in one attractive package, like spending a year abroad without any of the hassle or confusion. Also, a home on the beach is always a great investment, especially as more and more people are choosing to live their best lives.

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