Bear Valley, Ca

Written by Michael Federico
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Bear Valley, CA brings in skiers and snowboarders from around the world. They come to challenge the mountain, enjoy the local hospitality, and simply take in the magnificent vistas. California has always been known for its outdoor sports, and Bear Valley allows people to partake in almost all of them, or at least those that don't require twenty-foot breakers.

It is possible for people to confine themselves to the slopes for an entire visit, but they would miss out on a number of other things that Bear Valley has to offer. The surrounding area is home to historic gold rush towns and mining sites. There are year round activities such as festivals and dances to take in, there are vineyards to visit, and there are even a number of art galleries to peruse.

Buying or Renting Homes in Bear Valley, CA

Many people who come to Bear Valley seek lodging at one of the resort chalets or hotels. However, for those who treat skiing as only a part of their trip to the area, there are properties that allow them to visit throughout the year. Many of these properties can be rented for a set period of time each season.

If someone wants to settle down in Bear Valley or simply wants a vacation home, there are a number of mountain houses and cabins available. Some were designed with extreme luxury in mind, while others are simple structures, drawing more on the cabins of old for inspiration. The wide range in property style has also created a wide range in property cost.

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