Bear Valley Real Estate

Written by Michael Federico
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Bear Valley real estate continues to grow in popularity as more people are discovering the beauty of this California mountain town. The majority of people who are familiar with Bear Valley know it only as a ski resort. This has led many to look elsewhere for mountain properties. However, Bear Valley is more than just a haven for slope aficionados.

Visitors can enjoy the area all year round. Even when there is no skiing to be done, there is plenty going on in Bear Valley. Hiking, fishing, caving, and even golf and tennis can be enjoyed in town or at a nearby location. Wine tours can be taken, horses can be ridden, and music and theatre festivals can be enjoyed, as well.

What Bear Valley Real Estate Has to Offer

People who buy Bear Valley Real Estate can count on having a spectacular view. They can be assured that they will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful land in the country. They will also be able to enjoy the privacy that comes with mountain property. Many homes and cabins rest within the woods, almost completely hidden from those around them.

Bear Valley real estate can also serve as an investment. Many of Colorado's mountain resorts have become overrun with tourists and celebrities. People are turning to Northern California to find the peaceful mountain seclusion they desire. Those who own Bear Valley real estate find that they can often rent out their places for extended periods of time. They also recognize that as the resort grows in popularity, property values will grow, as well.

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