Benedict Canyon Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Consumers shopping for Benedict Canyon real estate today are limited by two major factors: price and scarcity. The area just north of Sunset Boulevard throughout Beverly Hills is vaunted for its lush surroundings and relative privacy, two attractions for individuals and families tired of the hustle and bustle of big city life. While the area tends to be affluent, with property that is a bit pricey, there still are opportunities for the not-quite-as-rich-and-famous to also call Benedict Canyon their home as well.

While the area itself seems expansive and, therefore, conducive to further development, the powers that be (namely, park councils and the City of Beverly Hills) have a vested interest in curbing development. So, while the population grows, and more and more easterners flock to Los Angeles, the supply of Benedict Canyon real estate remains fixed. It doesn't take an economics major to figure out the consequence of this.

The Appeal of Benedict Canyon Real Estate

The idyllic canyon surroundings are only one of the principal draws of Benedict Canyon real estate. For all the sanctity this remote ZIP code affords homeowners, houses in this North Beverly Hills corridor are centrally located between the west side and Hollywood. That puts Venice, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Malibu within easy reach, as it does West Hollywood, Highland Center, and the Fairfax District.

It's also relatively easy for dwellers in Benedict Canyon to climb over the hill to the Valley where several major studios and production houses await. On top of that, Ventura Boulevard offers great antiquing, a favorite pastime of affluent industry heavyweights who have the time and the money to gad about knick-knack shops and try on trinkets. Of course, Mulholland, with its stellar views of both sides of the Santa Monica Mountains, is only a few minutes north as well.

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