Bernal Heights

Written by Linda Alexander
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Bernal Heights is a San Francisco neighborhood with a younger population of creative types. It has lower than average rents with a small-town feel. The main strip of Cortland Avenue bustles with an eclectic mix of small shops and locally-owned cafes. Even so, it offers trendy boutiques mixed in with mom and pop stores, and sophisticated restaurants too.

Tiny Queen Anne cottages and Victorian bungalows line the streets in Bernal Heights. The neighborhood still reflects its rural origins, with its abundance of single family houses with yards. It is also a somewhat forgotten about part of the city; there are few buses there and it's located on top of a steep hill. It is kind of out of the way for most city residents.

Travel To Bernal Heights?

Many San Franciscans never travel to Bernal Heights. They miss out on the unrivaled views found on the north side of the hill. But the residents know the secret. Residents here include progressives, artists, and young families looking for a first home.

Holly Park also makes it a great place for dog owners. Dogs can play there while their owners enjoy the views, jog, or picnic. If you are visiting to San Francisco, don't overlook this quaint, timeless village within a city.

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