Big Trees Village

Written by Michael Federico
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Big Trees Village is not a misnomer. This small community, located in the old gold rush region of California, is home to trees so big they are only eclipsed by the mountain peaks that loom overhead. At an elevation of 5,000 ft., Big Trees Village is high enough to offer the seclusion that many seek from mountain resorts, but not so high as to miss out on the variety of flora that can't exist at certain altitudes.

Many people are drawn to this location, because it has avoided much of the urbanization that other vacation spots have undergone. The town is extremely small, and it lacks many of the activities present in most mountain communities. However, Big Trees Village is only five miles east of Arnold, so if one wants to play a round of golf or visit a fine restaurant, the trek is a very short one.

Vacationing in Big Trees Village

A number of people come to Big Trees Village during the skiing season. It is close enough to the Bear Valley Ski Resort to enjoy the facilities, but far enough away to avoid the congestion. Also, these months dust the foliage of Big Trees State Park with snow, creating an unforgettable panorama.

There are also plenty of reasons to visit the village during the summer. The weather is perfect for picnics in the park or visiting one of the festivals that take place in nearby towns. Rental properties are available for those who want to spend an extended period of time in Big Trees Village, or for those who simply want to feel like they're at home for the short time they are there.

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