Blue Lake Springs, Ca

Written by Michael Federico
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Blue Lake Springs, CA is one of several mountain towns in Northern California. The region, most of which is in Calaveras County, developed out of the gold rush in 1849. What were once mining communities and stops along the trail to the Pacific are now some of the finest resorts and vacation spots in the country.

Most towns and small villages in the area feature outdoor recreation. Fishing, hiking, and skiing are extremely popular pastimes for vacationers and residents, alike. However, Blue Lake Springs offers activities that are not available in many of the surrounding locales. It is very much the center for recreation in the area. There are two private lakes, numerous swimming pools, fine restaurants, and a number of tennis courts. People who live there almost experience a country club environment.

Homes for Sale in Blue Lake Springs, CA

Many people travel to this mountain region for short term or extended vacations. However, the insular quality of Blue Lake Springs makes it one of the prime spots for buying properties. There is a sense of community in the area, and people realize that they can get anything they need within a few minutes.

Realtors in the area usually have access to all properties that are available on the market. People who are selling know that buyers will most likely come from outside of the community, so they list their homes with area agencies. Most homes in Blue Lake Springs play into the area's resort atmosphere. They feature all of the modern comforts, and will often have perks that one would not find in most city homes.

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