Buy An Apartment In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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If you plan to buy an apartment in San Francisco, be prepared to pay the price for living in one of the densest, loudest, and most exciting places in the nation. While apartment living isn't in demand by the bulk of the population--families prefer homes, after all--it is common in the Bay Area. With space at a premium, for certain demographics it makes more sense to buy an apartment.

In San Francisco, there isn't a lot of terrain to build large homes or neighborhoods that sprawl along the land; there are some, but not many. The city is much more vertical than horizontal. Tall apartment buildings that take up only a small amount of ground can house thousands of apartment dwellers, while family-sized homes using the same land can only maintain a few families.

Why Buy an Apartment in San Francisco?

There are some general arguments why to not buy an apartment in San Francisco: it's small, it's expensive, it won't resell. In other places, those arguments may be valid, but in San Francisco the rules are a little different. For one thing, any real estate is going to be expensive because it's the second priciest housing market in the country, with a median home price of nearly $640,000.

Secondly, of course it's small, it's an apartment. It's not for large families, but single professionals, childless couples, or empty nesters that make up the majority of the San Francisco population. And as for reselling, because there will always be a demand for all kinds of housing in the Bay Area, it won't sit with a For Sale for very long.

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