Buy A Condo In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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When you buy a condo in San Francisco, you won't be getting into a niche market. Traditionally, smaller condos don't have the resale potential of a single-family home, the preferred investment for homeowners. Families buy and sell full-sized homes; they can't fit in the cramped living space of condos.

In San Francisco, though, the trend is different. It's not a family town, but rather, a city where sixty percent of the population is single. (As well it should be: the city was basically founded by prospectors, thieves, thugs, and prostitutes--not really kid-friendly types.) Instead of parents looking for wide-open spaces to build a house for the little ones, you have single folks or childless couples looking to buy a condo in San Francisco and be in the middle of the action.

Buy a Condo in San Francisco and Be Part of a Changing Demographic

Not only has San Francisco been a city by, for, and of single people, but the general public has shifted away from family life also. More people than ever are staying single, and those that do marry are doing so later and having fewer kids, if any at all. A single professional doesn't need a house with a family room and kids' bedrooms.

The efficiency and low maintenance of condos make them a wise investment for busy single professionals, empty nesters wanting to return to the city, and childless couples wanting to buy a condo in San Francisco while interest rates are still low. In high-end areas like the Bay Area and Manhattan, there will always be a demand for condo living, and you can always expect a return on that investment. Consult a real estate agent if a condo sounds right to you.

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