Buying Real Estate In San Diego

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you're doubtless already aware, buying real estate in San Diego is buying into California's hottest market of the last decade. Home prices went up on average about 35 percent between 2002 and 2003. It's estimated that every month you delay buying real estate in San Diego, you spend from about $7,000 to $15,000 for the simple privilege of waiting. Property values--and sales prices--keep going up.

All this being said, one of the more rewarding things you can do is buying real estate in San Diego. It's a wonderful place to live! For a start you have a year-round temperate climate, the world-renowned Pacific surf, wide sandy beaches, nearby mountains, a rich history, and a host of amenities.

Countless tennis courts, first-rate golf courses, a new major league baseball stadium, and a host of recreational opportunities invite the more active minded. As far as entertainment is concerned, there are innumerable theaters and music venues, restaurants, cultural offerings, and retail shopping opportunities. No wonder this 35-mile stretch of southern California is the state's real estate hot spot.

FAQ on Buying Real Estate in San Diego

Because the market is so competitive, you well advised to find a realtor you're comfortable with. Make the most of that expertise! First, however, you need to know exactly what you're looking for in terms of a house, row house, or condominium. Your best first step is to get a sense of San Diego's 100-odd communities and neighborhoods. Look at a map of southern California and find Del Mar. Run your eye down past Mission Bay, around Coronado island, along the Silver Strand and Imperial Beach to the Mexico border. That's San Diego, and a lovelier 35 miles of coast you won't find!

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