Calaveras, Ca

Written by Michael Federico
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Calaveras, CA is a county that has found its way into history books and works of fiction, alike. Its role in the California gold rush is well documented, and Mark Twain was so intrigued by the area he used it as a setting for one of his stories. This rich background, along with its staggering natural beauty, has lured vacationers, outdoors enthusiasts, and history buffs to the county for over a century.

People who come to Calaveras spend their time in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains where they can go caving or hiking. They can take tours of old gold mining sites and historical buildings. They can visit the famous vineyards of the region and sample some of the finest California wines. They can even find art galleries, theatres, and music festivals. The fact that there are a variety of year round activities in Calaveras makes it the perfect vacation spot, regardless of the season.

Finding Property in Calaveras, CA

Realtors who show properties in Calaveras generally cover several towns and villages. People can choose a location based on a number of factors. While the towns and villages are all close to one another, they do offer a buyer different things. Some spots are ideal for ski buffs who simply want to visit when there's powder on the ground. Other locations are geared towards those who want to enjoy the summer festivals that take place each year.

Locating the perfect property is a different task for those who want to permanently relocate to Calaveras. There are not many schools in the area. Also, certain towns cater more to full-time residents than to vacationers, while other spots do the opposite.

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