Calaveras County Real Estate

Written by Michael Federico
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Calaveras County real estate covers homes, cabins, and vacation properties in a number of California mountain towns and villages. The region was born of the gold rush. Towns sprung up and disappeared as fortunes were made and lost. Most old mining towns have long since vanished or turned into "ghost towns." However, those in Calaveras County have basically been converted into mountain resorts, maintaining much of their history, but incorporating modern day luxury and recreation.

People flock to the area during all seasons. The warmer months offer incredible hiking, caving, fishing, and horseback riding. When things cool down, skiing is available in places like Bear Valley. No matter what the weather, Calaveras County will come to life with fairs, festivals, and celebrations, and no matter what the weather, Calaveras County real estate will overlook a beautiful wooded, mountain landscape.

Using an Agent to Find Calaveras County Real Estate

Most towns throughout the county have both rental and sale properties. The majority of homeowners, whether they are looking to rent out or sell, will list their properties with area real estate agents. This allows them to reach a much larger group of potential buyers. It also ensures that only those who can afford the property will inquire.

When looking for Calaveras County real estate one should research the entire area. Each town has a distinct personality. Some are extremely family friendly, while others are geared more towards adults, so it is important for one to find both a home and a locale that fits his needs.

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