California Home Inspections

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Buying a home is an exciting milestone for any family. It can also be an intimidating hassle for buyers who are not adequately prepared and do not have the right information. Buyers should never rush into making a home buying decision because for most families, it will be the biggest investment of their lives. Investments in a home are both financial and emotional.

The emotional aspect of buying a home can actually interfere with good decision making. Buyers who are excited or nervous can make hasty decisions that they will have to live with for a long time to come. This is why it is important to hire a professional to perform California home inspections before you decide to buy. Home inspectors are impartial professionals who will provide rational, objective feedback on the condition of a house.

California home inspections should always be conducted by a certified, highly trained professional inspector. In California, there are several non-profit organizations that set standards and outline acceptable practices for home inspectors. They also establish codes of ethics that inspectors must adhere to. Groups such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association), and NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) are responsible for establishing these rules and they also provide extensive training to members.

California Home Inspections

Groups like ASHI, CREIA, and NACHI are committed to training and certifying only the best inspectors. They do this by providing education to members. Inspectors must pass a comprehensive exam before they can become members. Once they are members, they must continue their education by attending various classes, seminars, and conferences every year.

In their training, home inspectors are taught to pay strict attention to details and to perform thorough, complete inspections of a house. Inspections must include every aspect of a home--nothing can be overlooked. The home's exterior will be inspected for signs of wear or damage. Windows, screens, doors, porches, and exterior walls will all be examined and their condition will be noted in the inspection report.

Inside the house, every room must be gone over in great detail. Ceilings, walls, doors, windows, outlets, fixtures, and floors have to be checked and double checked for possible faults. California home inspections will include an examination of a house's plumbing and the condition of the pipes and location of main valves will be noted. To protect your family's health and safety, electrical systems need to be inspected with the most sophisticated tools available.

What to Expect with California Home Inspections

California home inspectors will examine the structure of a house, commenting on its foundation, sub flooring, attic, and roof. Each of these must be in good condition or home owners will be faced with expensive repairs down the road. Repairing a roof or fixing a foundation is not a simple task and both are quite expensive.

Some California home inspections will even go beyond the house. Some inspectors are certified and trained to perform other tests. For example, a number of these inspectors are trained to conduct elevation surveys and environmental analysis. Environmental tests such as air quality and mold inspections are good ways to protect your family's health. Inspectors can also perform tests on pools and spas as well, searching for signs of damage.

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