Cambria Properties

Written by Patty Yu
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With mild weather year round, beautiful ocean views, and close proximity to larger cities, Cambria properties are ideal for those wanting a summer beach home, winter beach home, or just to live there year round! Many of the smaller cities in San Luis Obispo County have lower housing costs compared to the larger County Seat City of San Luis Obispo. Just a few miles away, Nipomo, Morro Bay, and Cambria properties are sometimes more appealing for those relocating.

So many of the coastal cities in San Luis Obispo County enjoy plenty of tourism and recreation. The area draws visitors from all over the world, but especially from two large metropolitan areas just a few hours away by car. Since San Luis Obispo County is the halfway point between San Francisco and Los Angeles, city dwellers enjoy having such a convenient place to relax and slow down.

Beach cities dotting the central California coast offer beautiful ocean views, amazing weather, and water recreation. The quaint beach towns have many beachside units that appeal to those buying a second home, like with Cambria properties. Particularly if you enjoy outdoor activities, there is camping, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, and much more to do in the area.

Why Chose Cambria Properties?

With a population of about 6,100 people, Cambria offers small town charm town in a beach setting, yet close proximity to other larger cities. Over the years, Cambria has attracted all types of residents--retirees, full time workers, and long vacationers who enjoy homes overlooking the ocean. Here, you have easy access to golf courses, wine country, and other attractions like Hearst Castle!

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