Cedar Creek Properties

Written by Michael Federico
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Cedar Creek properties are some of the most sought after in all of California. While most people relocating to the state are heading to L.A. or the Bay Area, those who are taking a secondary residence or looking to rent for a time are casting their eyes toward Cedar Creek. This mountain area, usually including Arnold and a few other small towns, makes for a perfect getaway.

The resort atmosphere lures tourists from all over each year. They come to ski Bear Valley or make their way through the Great Sequoias of Big Trees State Park. Some simply come for a bit of R&R in the clean, crisp mountain air, finding Cedar Creek properties that allow them to do just that.

What Makes Cedar Creek Properties Unique?

Some would say that simply being located in a beautiful, quiet, peaceful place makes a property unique. Those who say that are probably right, but there are more things than that, that make Cedar Creek properties special. The communities throughout the region are dedicated to bring culture, entertainment, and a sense of history to their towns. Festivals, dances, plays, wine tasting, and art exhibits are common occurrences. People can also take a trip through the past by visiting nearby mining towns, or taking a ghost walk through long deserted villages.

Even with the area's growing popularity, properties are still available to rent or buy throughout the year. Many are in Arnold proper. However, there are also homes in Blue Lake Springs, Grizzly Ridge, Forest Meadows, Lakemont Pines, and several other satellite neighborhoods.

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