Coldwater Canyon Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Like its neighboring Laurel Canyon properties to the east, Coldwater Canyon real estate is among the most prized of all the "wilderness" communities. Of course, civilization abounds throughout Coldwater Canyon, which is arguably less touched by the counterculturalist spirit than Laurel Canyon. Nevertheless, one does get the feeling that he or she has been transported back some 40,000 years when traveling through this wooded corridor.

The reasons people choose Coldwater Canyon real estate are the same as those that drive sales in Topanga, Nichols, Runyon, Benedict, and other canyons throughout the LA basin. Namely, the promise of seclusion, peace, and clean air fuel the ultra-competitive Coldwater Canyon real estate market, which is currently in the midst of a boom--at least if recent home sales prices are to be believed. It's possible to find modest homes in the 300,000- and 400,000-dollar range, but bigger and better-maintained single-family homes tend to start at higher prices.

The Nooks and Crannies of Coldwater Canyon Real Estate

Coldwater Canyon real estate is especially welcome to owners who've spent years dwelling in the Hollywood and Valley grids. Those that complain that LA is eminently unnavigable have it wrong. The city is in fact easily navigable, as east-west and north-south corridors form largely perfect right angles to one another. It's just that nobody can move anywhere because so many automobiles are crowding both the surface streets and freeways. But back to the point . . .

The geometric grid to which Angelenos have grown accustomed simply breaks down throughout the canyons. Long, winding, uphill ascents create hidden nooks and folds that sometimes don't even make it onto regional maps (the Thomas Bros. Guide notwithstanding). For some nature-dwellers, it's the novelty of making it off the grid that inspires them to move to places like Coldwater Canyon, where finding one's residence requires more than knowing two particular cross-streets.

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