Written by Seth Cotterell
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Home inspections are an important consideration for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers especially need to have home inspections performed in order to have all the necessary information required to make an informed home buying decision. Buyers can locate an inspection agency in their area that will perform the inspection for a nominal fee.

Home inspections need to be thorough and comprehensive. Inspectors need to be highly educated and armed with the latest technology and equipment in order to perform a proper inspection. Inspections should include all parts of the physical structure of the house. Inspectors should perform exterior and interior checks of all rooms, fixtures, windows, doors, porches, outlets, etc. They also need to inspect a house's wiring and plumbing for possible faults or damage.

CREIA Standards and Practices

There is currently no federal mandate for home inspections. This means that all guidelines and standards are voluntarily agreed upon. This makes it especially important to find the right inspector. Inspectors should follow the standards and practices set forth by reputable organizations such as the California Real Estate Inspection Association, or CREIA. CREIA is dedicated to promoting the highest standards in real estate transactions.

CREIA is a non-profit organization that provides many valuable services to its members. It provides regular educational classes to keep inspectors on top of home maintenance and construction issues. CREIA also sets very strict ethical requirements on its members and ensures members meet its standards of practice.

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