Downtown San Diego Real Estate

Written by Krystin Spellman
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Downtown San Diego offers individuals who prefer the city life a wide range of real estate options to choose from. The heart of this city includes a variety of condos, penthouses, lofts, and urban homes to search and visit, allowing those with metropolitan tastes to find a home that suits their busy lifestyle. San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, making it a popular place to live and grow.

Condos and Lofts

Downtown condominiums can be found in an extensive range of prices, anywhere from $300,000 to well over a $1,000,000. The less expensive condos are typically one bedroom, one-bath dwellings. Many of these affordable condominiums feature granite countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom, valet parking, and a resident gym with state-of-the-art equipment, in addition to a private tenant pool area.

For those who are looking for more extravagant living quarters, luxury condos are available in a variety of attractive floor plans. Many large condos offer at least two bedrooms, containing a generous amount of living space comparable to that of most mid-sized homes. Many of the higher priced condos also offer full-furnished packages, making them perfect for those who are looking to buy a second home.

Attractive lofts are also available within the same price range, offering spectacular panoramic views of San Diego's scenic beauty. Many of these well-appointed lofts offer gyms, spa facilities, intimate courtyards, beautiful skylights, and the convenience of underground parking. Some lofts even offer private roof top decks, allowing you to experience the outdoors in an intimate setting. Whichever urban residence your choose, you will be pleased with the city living experience that downtown San Diego has to offer.

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