El Cajon Homes

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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El Cajon Homes Are Strategically Located

El Cajon homes, like other East San Diego County homes, are well-placed near Interstate Highway 8, a major southern route through San Diego into Arizona. This highway enables residents to live in outlying areas, yet take advantage of the myriad attractions and recreational opportunities throughout San Diego County. El Cajon is the city of almost 100,000 that anchors the coordinated economic efforts of the East County Economic Development Council, which consists of four cities and three unincorporated communities in eastern San Diego County.

East San Diego real estate offers prospective buyers varied neighborhoods and housing, from the ever-popular mobile homes to luxury housing with acreage. Condominiums, townhouses, and single-family residences add to the possibilities for those interested in relocating to the near-perfect climate of the region. El Cajon, being the largest city in the eastern part of the county, expands these categories, so consult local realtors for specific information about particular areas within the city.

Range of Listing Prices

Southern California real estate is still booming, with prices climbing. Given the ideal weather in the county, and the spectacular location of San Diego housing, you can expect to see regional listing prices inch upward also. That does not mean, however, that you cannot find good homes at reasonable prices, especially in a large, varied city such as El Cajon.

For instance, single-family homes start around $170,000, but the larger homes with several thousand square feet and an acre or two of land may hover between $1-2 million. A small condo of under 1,000 square feet could be found for about $175,000-$250,000, with a larger condo of over 2,000 square feet listing for as much as $400,000. Get expert assistance from local realtors, who can tell you about the individual neighborhoods, and about the best value for your money in El Cajon homes.

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