El Dorado Real Estate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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El Dorado is one of California's original counties. As you'd expect, it has a rich and varied history. Landmarks still exist that bear witness to its gold rush-connected past. There is also plenty of evidence of its importance to the Native American Indians that once called it home. Times change, but El Dorado is still a beautiful, peaceful county, and El Dorado Real Estate is among some of the finest anywhere in the United States.

To take a quick look at some of the different residential areas that El Dorado real estate has to offer, let's start of with Cameron Park. One of El Dorado's newer communities, Cameron Park is a mix of ranches and medium to small residential properties. There is also the Cameron Air Park estate, where residents can commute to their work or anywhere else, quite easily by plane, using the streets between homes as taxi-ways!

About midway between the beautiful Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, we find the communities of Pollock Pines and Camino. In the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, along route 50, this area offers residents breathtaking natural beauty. Thick forests surround the towns and provide a habitat for a great range of wildlife. You can choose from farm or orchard residential plots, and will sure to please every member of the family with this great location.

History and Leisure in El Dorado Real Estate

Shingle Springs is where you want to look if you're really looking for El Dorado real estate with strong gold rush links. This was originally a mining town, and now consists of mainly private ranches. The area also offers pretty much unlimited leisure activities, particularly as Lake Tahoe is a mere two hours away.

If you're really serious about enjoying your leisure time you should be looking at El Dorado real estate in South Lake Tahoe. Here, you'll find abundant opportunity for sports and leisure pursuits summer and winter. This is a true vacation location that some lucky people are fortunate enough to call home!

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