Find A Home In San Diego

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As a buyer, if you want to find a home in San Diego, the burden is largely on you. It's still very much a seller's market--particularly in San Diego. One of the early orders of business, then, if not the first, is to find a realtor. You'll need all the edge you can get to win the contract on a property, whether it's a single-family home, a duplex, or a condominium.

A Realistic Look at How to Find a Home in San Diego

Combing the Sunday Union-Tribune or any of the community weeklies won't hurt, of course. You'll see, in all likelihood, listings for properties that have already sold. You'll make note of open houses in Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Encinitas, Escondido, and Otay Mesa--as will hundreds of other people hoping to find a home in San Diego. You need a realtor, however.

Odds are that you won't have the luck friends of mine moving from Fremont back to the San Diego area recently had. On a weekend drive to family, they stopped on impulse at an open house sign in Encinitas. They made an offer on the spot--along with five others. To some degree it was a fluke. On the flip side, they knew San Diego. They'd been prepping for relocation for months. They had a realtor--that's the operative word--on tap.

Certainly, the more you know about the area, the better a realtor can help you and the shorter the search to find a home in San Diego. It means--whether you know the area or don't--getting very specific about what you want in a property. It means having your finances lined up and poised for an immediate down payment. It means having a realtor "on the payroll" with a finger on the pulse of the market, an eye on properties as they become available, and the resources and expertise to grab the opportunities when they happen.

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