Granite Bay Real Estate

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're looking for real estate in Granite Bay, be assured that you have chosen well. Owning Granite Bay real estate will make you part of a 20,000-strong community that has access to outstanding schools and an enviable quality of life. The Granite Bay Golf Club is an example of what a golf club should be. Once you see it, you'll be hooked.

Granite Bay real estate is located on the west side of glorious Folsom Lake, giving residents access to recreation and fishing! This location offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, and at the same time is within a short distance of the largest city in Placer County, Roseville. Other large cities such as Folsom and Fair Oaks are but a short drive away.

The American River and Granite Bay Real Estate

Granite Bay's proximity to the American River mean that it has roots in the Gold Rush, and that homes in the area date back to those times. The earliest settlers recorded in the area were gold miners, coming to try their luck in the early 1550s. Previously known as Allen's District, Granite Bay was the location of many plum, peach and pear orchards--an agricultural mainstay in years gone by.

Granite Bay real estate has lots to offer a prospective resident. Legendary Lake Tahoe is easily accessible, and living in Placer County will undoubtedly bring you closer to nature. We've already told you about the Granite Bay Golf Club; if you like golf you'll be happy to know that Granite Bay has many golf clubs--new ones pop up all the time. If you have kids then you'll be happy to know that the lakes are the location of plenty of summer camps and other activities. They won't be bored here.

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