Grover Beach Real Estate

Written by Sarah Provost
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Grover Beach lies 92 miles north of Santa Barbara and 150 miles south of Monterey. Though development was slow for a long while, there are now more than 13,000 residents and a train station. D.W. Grover would be proud.

It was Dwight William Grover who filed plans at the San Luis Obispo County Court House on August 1, 1887, and founded what would become Grover City. His vision for the community included a hotel and railroad station near the beach. He promoted his town as "the place where the tide lands meet the rails." Unfortunately, the Southern Pacific chose another location, and his plans languished.

Horace V. Bagwell arrived in 1935 and bought about 1,100 acres. He advertised Grover City as the "home of the average man," and sold parcels of land at prices within the budget of the working man. Development began to move more quickly, with stores, a post office, and other city services being established. The early 1950s brought a building boom.

Grover Beach Today

Grover's dream eventually came true with the establishment of Amtrak service in what is now Grover's Beach. As for Bagwell, despite all the development in the intervening years, it is still true that property in Grover Beach is priced within reach of the common person. In fact, considering that this is an oceanfront community with marvelous recreational facilities, a mild Mediterranean climate, and lots of nearby wineries, one might call land in Grover Beach a real bargain!

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