Hayes Valley Properties

Written by Linda Alexander
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Hayes Valley properties have risen in value during the last 15 years. Ever since the 1989 earthquake, which destroyed part of the freeway that once ran through the neighborhood, Hayes Valley properties have become more desirable. This, along with the general demand for housing in San Francisco, has made property values rise.

Once a haven for drug dealers and the homeless, Hayes Valley properties are now culturally diverse. It's a quaint neighborhood where you can shop for anything from designer clothes to independent mom and pop stores. The gentrification of Hayes Valley has created a sophisticated neighborhood of antique stores, galleries, and restaurants.

Buying Hayes Valley Properties

If you want to buy a house in Hayes Valley, speak with a real estate agent. He or she will likely know the history of the neighborhood, and where the good and bad areas still lie. Remember that neighborhood boundaries are sometimes blurred, and your real estate agent may think of Hayes Valley as part of the Western Addition.

Whether you want to live near City Hall and theaters, or if you just like bookstores and diverse restaurants, Hayes Valley is a trendy neighborhood to live in or visit. If you love independent coffee shops (versus Starbucks) and eclectic bookstores, this is the place for you. Otherwise, you have so many other San Francisco neighborhoods to choose from!

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