Hidden Hills Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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When one brings to mind the image of Southern California, smog, overcrowding and traffic come to mind. Cities like Hidden Hills prove that Southern California living doesn't have to be that way. Hidden Hills is one of the few towns in Los Angeles County that has the feel of a town tucked away in the country with the convenience of the Los Angeles business districts nearby.

A Short History of Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills became a city in 1961. The community leaders started the drive to become incorporated as they faced continual pressure to be annexed by the city of Los Angeles. 79 percent of the voters in Hidden Hills signed a petition to become incorporated. The Los Angeles City Council's Planning Committee opposed the incorporation of Hidden Hills and wanted to extend Burbank Boulevard right through the community.

On September 19, 1961, the people voted and 83 percent of registered voters voted for incorporation of Hidden Hills. The new City of Hidden Hills was the 73rd city in Los Angeles County. Along with the incorporation, the residents of Hidden Hills elected its first city council members, who approved the city's first budget in 1962 at a whopping $18,000.

Hidden Hills has a somewhat eclectic history. In 1959, at the suggestion of a six-year-old girl, "Church on Horseback" was instated. Church was held outdoors and churchgoers rode up on horses, ponies and donkeys. The congregation also arrived in surreys and buggies, completing the Old West feel of the event.

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