Hidden Hills Real Estate

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Residents of Hidden Hills have the convenience of a rural setting within Los Angeles County that few other cities in the area enjoy. Hidden Hills is situated on the county line of Los Angeles County and Ventura County, next to the foothills of the San Fernando Valley. This peaceful city has the feel of simpler times that is hard to find in Southern California.

Hidden Hills has about 2,000 residents. In such a populated county as Los Angeles County, finding a town with a small population is a rarity. With so few residents and a small town feel, you can really get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood and still have the convenience of the big city nearby.

History of Hidden Hills

A.E. Hanson was the planning force behind Hidden Hills in 1950. When he began development of the Hidden Hills area, he announced lots for sale with a sign along Ventura Boulevard. The sign announced that there were 1,000 acres of elbowroom in Hidden Hills, with acre lots selling for $4750. The sign also announced that in Hidden Hills "living is fun."

Hanson took a very simplistic approach to naming the streets in Hidden Hills at first. Long Valley and Round Meadow were named for where they were. Then he began naming the streets for early American explorers of the west, with the hopes children of the future would be inspired by the names and want to learn about explorers of the early 1800s.

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