Hollywood Hills Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hollywood Hills real estate continues to command top dollar despite the fluctuations of the Los Angeles real estate market. Those in the know scoff at the very notion of fluttering price points, since the trend over the past 10 years in the Greater Los Angeles area has reflected continuous (and increasing) upward pressure. More and more people are moving to Tinseltown, and it's no surprise.

While Beverly Hills, Venice, West LA, Hancock Park, Toluca Lake, Santa Monica, Malibu, Topanga Canyon, and other high-profile neighborhoods offer entertainment and great weather, there is something about Hollywood Hills real estate that draws so many lookers. By comparison, the area's smaller lots and narrower streets should be a bulwark against the so-called "Great Migration East," but these factors haven't dulled movement into the Hills. To the contrary, they've actually accelerated it.

The Draw of Hollywood Hills Real Estate

There are several factors at work in the shift away from gentrified neighborhoods into "hipper" or "cooler" ones such as the Hollywood Hills. One is a rise in the number of young buyers now qualified to purchase homes in the area. While older and established stars often prefer the extra floor space and acreage of Beverly Hills or Brentwood, many of today's young actors and musicians prefer quirky and unique properties and are willing to sacrifice space to get them.

There's simply more architectural and topographical diversity in Hollywood Hills real estate than there is in the "cookie-cutter" look of more classically styled homes and square or rectangular lots. While a Brentwood spread may feature seven bedrooms and six baths, a huge yard to accommodate rambunctious kids, and a four-car garage, the Hills have an entirely different appeal. There, buyers are more likely to find original wood beams and ceramic tiles, sloping lots, and peculiar roofs.

What Else Sets Apart Hollywood Hills Real Estate?

The people who buy their lots in the Hills have something else in common beyond a love of stylish architecture and landscaping. They also appreciate the convenience of living in such a central location, especially in a city that sprawls some 500 square miles. The houses just north of Sunset in neighborhoods such as Doheny and Sunset Plaza are a stone's throw from the Strip, with its thudding nightclubs and chic eateries.

Owners of Hollywood Hills real estate thus have the choice of staying put in their customized dream homes high atop the city or descending into the basin or Valley to shop, eat, run errands, or (heaven forbid) work. It would be remiss to overlook the importance of Hollywood Hills real estate's proximity to major studios such as Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal. All of these are firmly nestled in the widely detested San Fernando Valley, but the fact remains that all three, as well as many smaller production houses, are key employers of entertainment industry workers and are also key locations for those looking to break into the business.

What If I'm Not Britney Spears or Johnny Depp?

Should you wake up one morning only to realize that you've somehow managed to become an insurance salesperson, doctor, or stock broker, don't despair. There's no running blacklist for Hollywood Hills real estate that excludes all members of the "real" world. If a typical day for you involves getting up at 7AM, commuting to an office, sitting in traffic, and writing up reports, never fear--you can still purchase Hollywood Hills real estate. In fact, many working professionals have and are enjoying it.

Houses throughout the Hollywood Hills run the gamut from roughly half a million all the way up to six, seven or eight million bucks. There are some exceptions on each end of the spectrum, but by and large, mortgage-seekers can expect to part with at least seven figures over the course of 30 years. That doesn't mean that such home are unattainable to the middle class worker. In fact, with the right real estate brokerage firm, you can certainly be optimistic that your dream house will be located in the Hollywood Hills.

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