Hollywood Hills Real Estate Agents

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hollywood Hills real estate agents need an arsenal of skills that brokers in other parts of the city don't. A savvy agent will be well studied not only in broad areas such as building and maintenance, but the particulars of what can only be referred to as a particular neighborhood. There are very few places in the world that bring together exclusivity, high density, and one-of-a-kind topography the way the Hollywood Hills do.

Great Hollywood Hills real estate agents are sensitive to the unique lay of the land in the Santa Monica Mountains, which form the divide between the LA basin and the Valley to the north. They will be able to answer all of your questions, regarding the location. They will also do their best to find the homes that not only fit in your budget, but that also fit your style.

Hollywood Hills Real Estate Agents Aren't Park Rangers . . .

. . . but some training in architecture, meteorology, landscaping, botany, and zoology may all serve him or her quite well. That's because issues such as mold, bark beetles, fire ants, and torrential rains can all impact a home's value. Take the first case as an example: an infestation of Stachybotrys in a house's walls can prompt an immediate evacuation and major renovations. It's up to the buyer to be aware of these lurking dangers before he or she closes escrow, so it falls to the agent to keep his or her client up to speed.

Additionally, Hollywood Hills real estate agents must be attuned to changing demographic trends that affect price and value. Each time a home in the Hills is bought or sold, it affects the entire market, raising or lowering home values in turn. For the three-to-six percent your agent is receiving, you want the assurance that he or she is getting you the best value possible, whether you're on the buyer or seller side of the transaction.

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