Home Inspections

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Home inspections are one of the most important steps in the process of buying or selling a house. Buyers need home inspections in order to guarantee that their investment will be a good one. A home that is in poor condition can require a lot of additional money to fix up, making the purchase less than ideal. Buyers need an inspection to make an informed decision.

Home Inspections for Sellers

Sellers also benefit from home inspections. Sellers who elect to have an inspection performed have two primary advantages. First, they can provide the results to prospective buyers up front so that buyers can walk into a situation with as much knowledge as possible. This allows buyers and sellers to get right down to business. The second benefit is related to a sense of goodwill and honest dealing that buyers will experience when dealing with a seller considerate and straightforward enough to provide home inspection results. If the house is deemed to be in good shape, this can increase the selling price.

Whichever side of the transaction you find yourself on, a home inspection is a good idea. It can identify many maintenance issues and possibly identify a major problem early enough that it can be fixed before permanent damage is done. A home inspection can identify structural defects as well as other damaging, even dangerous, conditions.

A thorough home inspection will include an in-depth examination of every aspect of the house. Inspectors will evaluate the exterior of the house, as well as any attachments or additions such as porches, decks, and fences. Inspectors will also evaluate the condition of the house's interior. Examinations of the roof, foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems will all be part of a certified home inspection performed by a qualified home inspector.

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