Homes For Sale In Santa Monica

Written by Jen Nichol
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The 3rd street pier may be famous for world-class shopping, and the beach renowned for spectacular golden sand, but did you also know this town provides a quality life for its residents? It's true! From great schools, to enjoyable weather, to tradition and history, Santa Monica bridges the gab between "beach town," and "quality community."

This town was founded in 1875, but actually has a history back to 1769, when Santa Monica belonged to the King of Spain. To buy homes for sale in Santa Monica in 1875 (actually they were just lots back then), one had to bid at an auctioneer's stand that was placed at the corner of Ocean and Wilshire.

Much Easier Today!

Thank goodness the days of standing outdoors at auction have come and gone. Now, search for a home with pleasure, in the company of a professional Santa Monica realtor. These experts know everything there is to know about this very desirable oceanside community and homes for sale in Santa Monica.

Let the proximity to Los Angeles inspire you, but let the genteel pace of Santa Monica refresh you. Shopping and business, schools and the arts, everything you need is right here. Work wherever you want, but it's good to call Santa Monica "home!"

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