Lake Camelot

Written by Norene Anderson
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Lake Camelot is one of the three man-made lakes comprising the Tri-Lakes area of northern Adams County. This is a sandy bottom lake that attracted many homeowners to build and take up residence on its shores. It is 445 acres of fabulous fishing. Some of the prize catches include bass, pike, panfish, and walleye.

Lake Camelot is made from two lakes connected by a traversable channel. The origin of the lake dates back to the late 1960s and the early 1970s. At one time, several springs fed a 14-mile creek. The sandy soil provided the perfect beginning for excellent quality man-made lakes. Lake Arrowhead was the third such lake to be completed and it was finished in the 1990s.

Lake Camelot Activities

Waterskiing and boating are the favorite sports at Lake Camelot. At any given time, you will see all sorts of water vehicles including pontoon boats and jet skis. The clean, sandy bottom makes it great for swimming. Skiing is so popular that there are competitive events for all ages. There is also a weekly show performed by a local ski team to entertain everyone.

Hunting is not allowed on the lake properties. It is allowed outside the perimeter of the lake properties. You will find some of the best deer hunting in this area. Snowmobile trails wind for miles outside the lake area. Driving distance from the Tri-Lakes area to Green Bay is 76 miles. It is 134 miles to Milwaukee. It is a trip worth every mile for the beauty of the lake and surrounding region.

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