Lake Monona

Written by Norene Anderson
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Lake Monona history goes back as far as 1851. The number of days it was closed per year because of ice is actually on record. In 1851, there were 103 days of closure. The winter of 1880-81 had the most days of ice closure at 160. The least number of days was 56 in 1982-83. For most years, the number of closures was in the 90s or lower 100s.

Lake Monona has a shoreline that measures 21.2 kilometers. There is a path for biking or walking along the shoreline. You can see downtown Madison across the lake from the path. The view of the capitol across the lake is an awesome sight. Another view from the walk shows the Olin-Turville Park. It is a beautiful thing to see, and even more beautiful when you take the time to explore the park for yourself.

More Fishing in Lake Monona

Lake Monona is the best place for largemouth bass. The bass are trophy size. The best time to fish for bass in this lake is in May and June. The largemouth bass are spawning during this time. Bass do not move into the shallow water with cool temperatures. Monona warms quickly due to the shallow water.

There are some things to know when trying to catch the "big one." The most important thing is the fact that you cannot expect something to work one day just because it worked before. A variety of slowly rolled spinners and rigged worms is certainly worth a try. There are size limits on what you can keep and what you must release. Be sure to follow the guidelines of the lake to keep it stocked properly for future years.

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