Lake Nacimiento Properties

Written by Patty Yu
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Lake Nacimiento properties are some of the area's best-kept secrets, however more people are beginning to discover its beauty. Set right in San Luis Obispo County, a rapidly growing area in Central California, Lake Nacimiento is the name of both town and lake. Many look into Morro Bay, Nipomo, and Lake Nacimiento properties (just a few examples) as less expensive alternatives to San Luis Obispo.

After the Southern Pacific Railroad opened up lines in the central part of California in 1894, San Luis Obispo started to grow much more rapidly. Home to many state institutions, a rich agriculture, tourism, and tons of recreation, there are many reasons why people relocate to San Luis Obispo County. Santa Barbara County is a close neighbor and has also experienced dramatic growth in the last century.

Whether you are looking for housing in a larger city in San Luis Obispo County, or would prefer a smaller town like Lake Nacimiento, the areas still share similar benefits and conveniences. Being halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are convenient flights that serve both cities. People who love the outdoors enjoy the ideal weather that stays temperate year round.

Gorgeous Lake Nacimiento Properties

The City of Lake Namiciento lies right next to the lake of the same name in northern San Luis Obispo County. The area is rich with nature, so residents and visitors enjoy water-skiing, boating, camping, and not to mention fishing! In fact, the lake is filled with healthy populations of many types of fish. Only about 2,200 people make up the city for a peaceful small-town feel, but it is still located conveniently to larger cities like San Luis Obispo.

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