Lake Nacimiento Real Estate

Written by Patty Yu
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Tucked away in San Luis Obispo, Lake Nacimiento real estate is well kept secret, although more are discovering its charm. San Luis Obispo County is a rapidly growing area of California, creating a rising interest in the neighboring areas. Compared to the housing costs right in the City of San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Nipomo, and Lake Nacimiento real estate are just a few examples of more affordable areas.

San Luis Obispo County started experiencing more growth especially after the Southern Pacific Railroad introduced lines into that part of California in 1894. State institutions, agriculture, tourism, and recreation are all reasons why many choose to visit or relocate to San Luis Obispo County. The area neighbors Santa Barbara County, which has also experienced excellent growth.

Wherever you wish to live in San Luis Obispo County, whether seeking housing in the larger County Seat, or in a small town like Lake Nacimiento real estate, you'll enjoy many of the same conveniences. The area is almost exactly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco--two major metropolitan areas--at less than a four-hour drive to both. Weather is mild and temperate year round--ideal if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Why Choose Lake Nacimiento Real Estate?

Both the town and lake called Lake Nacimiento lie in the northern area of San Luis Obispo. Residents and visitors enjoy lake activities, including water-skiing, boating, and camping, not to mention the lake is filled with healthy populations of many fish. With about 2,200 residents making up the lakeside town, those wanting a peaceful, serene, and beautiful home are drawn to the area.

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