Lakeside Ca Homes

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lakeside CA Homes in the Country

Lakeside CA homes are located in a rural setting in an unincorporated town of about 20,000. Situated almost six miles from Santee and about five miles from El Cajon, this peaceful, small town has retained much of its ranching atmosphere. Appropriately named, Lakeside is proud of having the only natural, fresh water lake in San Diego County, and it's right in the middle of town!

Indeed, the town maintains its ranching heritage through its commitment to continually beautifying its already natural surroundings. Eighty acres were recently added to Lakeside's River Park along the San Diego River. The locale is so proud of its history that all third-graders in the town's schools learn about Lakeside's past. This community spirit is especially needed after the tragic Cedar Fire that started in October, 2003, in which Lakeside was hit hard with the loss of some residents and property.

The Range of Homes

Lakeside real estate includes a few older homes, but there are some homes in the $2 million category as well. A low figure is around $340,000 for single family residences. Mobile homes are available in the area, as they are throughout East San Diego County real estate.

Lakeside has valleys, small plains and hills, and the homes that are built on knolls have good views of the surrounding landscape. Of course, this town shares in the great climate of the region, with a high temperature of about 90 degrees and a low of about 40. As is true of other communities in San Diego County, Lakeside CA homes permit you to have an outdoor lifestyle filled with recreational opportunities from hiking to horseback riding.

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