Lakeside Real Estate

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lakeside Real Estate in a Small Town

Lakeside real estate is the modern result of the breakup of the Rancho El Cajon by the El Cajon Valley Land Company. In 1886, this company began subdividing the 3,000-acre town site dedicated to the development of a community called Lakeside. With foresight, the company also set aside 45 acres for a park for the town built around Lindo Lake.

A few pioneers settled in the area before 1886, however. Ranches and businesses were established, and a stagecoach shuttled residents from Lakeside to San Diego in four hours! With the coming of the railroad and the building of the Lakeside Inn in 1887, visitors from all over San Diego County came to picnic and enjoy Lindo Lake and the surrounding countryside.

Modern Lakeside

Residents of today's Lakeside CA homes keep in touch with their ranching roots through the annual rodeo held in April at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds. They still go to the lake to feed the ducks, and they still go out into the near-perfect climate to have picnics. Lindo Lake Park now has barbecue areas and picnic tables; you and your family can play tennis on the courts and go horseback riding on the trails. If you love to fish on a lazy summer day, this lake will reward you with a fine catch.

If you are thinking about San Diego relocation, take a look at Lakeside real estate, especially if you have young children. This is a safe, peaceful, rural place for kids to run and play and be outdoors in a beautiful setting. Better yet, the community works to keep it that way!

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